Why would you support what I do?

If you just enjoy listening to this podcast or reading the blog and you have no inclination to think about donations, that’s fine. I will, for as long as I can, keep making this stuff, and you can keep listening to it and reading it, and the earth will keep turning. I am happy to have as many listeners and readers as I can possibly have. I do what I do because I think it has value and I want it to reach people, and I will keep doing what it takes to make that a reality. I will also continue to prepare material for public talks and publication, and I will do what it takes to make these things happen as much as possible.

Shortly after I set up this site some years ago it quickly became much more popular than I expected it to, which is fantastic. I also speak to various groups; churches, youth groups, student groups and other, on the kinds of issues that I cover here. This is, to use a bit of a jargonny term, my ministry (or if you’d prefer a less religious term, think of it as a vocation). I would like these activities to occupy a larger place in my life than they do now. My writing and speaking output is very low. I don’t run this full-time (barely even part-time). I work a regular full-time and fairly modest job during the day (partly to pay off my five-figure student loan debt – see the sidebar). I would like this to change considerably, and for that part of my life to be the dominant part. I would happily be involved in full-time teaching, speaking and writing, as unlikely as that is. If you’d like to arrange a speaking event, see my speaking page. By donating, you will bring these desires closer to reality (and you will be assisting me in repaying the debt that I still have from my education – the education that helped to create the content you see here).

If you like this blog and podcast, you support what I do and why I do it (as explained on the About / Mission Statement page), and would like to play a small part in ensuring the future of the site and supporting me in my endeavours, feel free to click that link. Think of it like visiting a museum or a church. There is no obligation, but if you like what they’re doing, feel more than welcome to help them do it more.

Or, if you’re a New Zealand based listener, feel free to contact me about how to support my work.

Glenn Peoples

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